Current nutritional trends

What requirements do we make of the perfect diet? It has to be simple, refined and quick to prepare, healthy, rich in vitamins, fiber and at the same time low in calories, sugar and fat. And in an age that is primarily characterized by stress, hectic rush and constant lack of time. The fact that our daily bread, the diet, seems to become more and more important, is shown by numerous TV programs that exclusively cover the topics of cooking and nutrition. Mälzer, Lafer & Co. entertain thousands of viewers each week and provide information on healthy, exceptional ingredients, sophisticated recipes and simple preparation - with the intention of bringing variety into everyday life and above all to consolidate awareness of healthy nutrition.

Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are

This statement is becoming increasingly important. In the meantime, health and wellbeing come first. What does it mean, the healthy and balanced diet and what does it look like in the future. Why are the shelves in the supermarket with ready meals getting bigger, the selection more and more varied?

The trend for fresh food from the refrigerated shelves or organic products should not be ignored. An example: drinkable fruit from the bottle. The smoothies consist only of fruits without sugar and water and they contain exactly the recommended daily requirement of fruit. This development will continue to develop in the future: fresh healthy food that can be bought ready-made and eaten immediately with a clear conscience.

Where is the culinary journey going?

Fast food or organic? Is it really just a matter of systematically researching good taste, uncomplicated speed or even our health? The venison in chocolate sauce, the goat cheese sorbet or the pomegranate duck breast in pomegranate slush have long been no innovation on the menu.

International food trends and recipes from all over the world are easily accessible thanks to the Internet, the matching ingredients, exotic and extraordinary food are brought almost daily by air in the German supermarkets.

Molecular inspired or healthy?

The molecular kitchen has been experiencing a real hype for several years. Juan Amador and Ferran Adrià are names that have shaped this innovative preparation and new school of perception. Cooking is done with Calazoon, calcium lactate gluconate and additives such as alginates in physicochemical processes. Currently, the Swiss Martin Suter describes in his novel this theme and the aphrodisiac taste sensations between eroticism and sensuality. Whether one can still speak of proven cooking or of modern art is the question. It is clear that the perception of special food and the experience during the meal are clearly in the foreground and that continues to be focused.

A similar trend is experienced by the so-called functional food, food with additional health benefits. Starting with probiotics in yoghurt, which positively affect the gut flora, butter that contains no cholesterol and low in fat, bread that protects against osteoporosis. More and more foods contain lactic acid bacteria, essential omega-3 fatty acids or antioxidants that are said to boost the immune system, fight free radicals and enhance general well-being. The main thing is, our foods contain health components that positively affect the current pursuit of health.

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